Cut A. Kaos, birth name Alexander Friedlhuemer was born 1969. This is not the only reason that it became a promising year. It was a year filled with innovations: Flower Power and psychedelic music captured the world. Alex goes for rock music since he was six years old. His cousin showed him all the legendary hits played by Sweet, Queen an others. This fondness for rock music still lasts on. Like the career of many other DJ, from 1984 Alex first played some short gigs in youth centre. Two years later Alex had his first gig for a real club in Zurich 1989: The beginning of the techno era Three friends gave each other impossible DJ names as a joke; and this was the origin of Alex' alias, Cut A. Chaos. This impressing name could be itemised into "Cut" for Alex' quick mixing, into "A." for Alex and "Chaos" for Alex' slight chaotic character. Arnold "Energy" Meier changed by himself the "Chaos" into "Kaos". Alex developed to the creative mastermind of "Delirium". Under his leadership the first Techno party in Switzerland - maybe the first in Europe - took place in April 1990. Switzerland gave Techno no chance of survival but they all should be wrong. As a result of several radio gigs abroad and in Switzerland (DRS 3, Radio 24, Couleur 3, Rete3 ect.) his very special sound got known all over Europe.
1994: Alex' sound got harder and harder. For the first time he was named as a "Hardcore DJ", although his spectrum is wider. Until 1999 he played sometimes Detroit and hard Techno and under the alias D.U.N.E. even House music. The turnaround came 1999. After several gigs abroad Cut A. Kaos specialised in Hardcore.
2000: This year was on one hand the hour of birth and on the other hand rebirth of Hardcore. Alex was responsible for this development; he founded his own party-label "Hellgate" and collaborated with all the big events and locations like White Wolf, Energy, Evolution, Rocking Chair, Gate One, Oxa and Niaxa. The climax was the legendary first Hotter Than Hell in 2001. This party was the biggest Hardcore event ever in Switzerland. In the meantime there was a lot of interest from abroad. For example from Rige, Netherlands (Megarave/Hellraiser/ Peppermill).
From 1996 till 1999 Alex was member of the Shadowlands resident DJ team. This honour brought a lot of gigs from abroad.
2002 - 2007: Since 2002 "Hotter Than Hell" is a fix part of the biggest Swiss party, the Energy. The first Hotter Than Hell CD in 2003 was even in the official Swiss charts - position 19. Since then this CD is successfully produced in collaboration with Traxtorm/Italy. The third Sonic in 2003 debuted with a Hardcore floor. For the first time it was a huge ice stadium! During these years Alex played a lot in the Netherlands, the birthplace of Hardcore.
1991: the first Streetparade and Energy - Cut A. Kaos playes before the Superstar Marc Spoon (R.I.P.) (Jam&Spoon/Hit Stella)1992 - 1996: the first bookings abroad: England, France, Canada, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium 1995: a successful year for Alex concerning Hardcore, Techno and progressive House. Productions: DBX Records (the label J.T.Vanelli/with the hit from Robert Miles, Children) (I) ProgCity Rec. (Peppermint Jam, D) alias Native Random, Sex Bomb Terminal Records (Gabbernauten) DJ Beat Records discovers Alex as artist und let him produce some Detroit/Techno tracks. 1996: The build-up of the own TechHouse Label "Bacteria Records". Round about four 12" vinyls are published. 1997: Resident DJ for Shadowlands/NL. A completely solo produced techno album at DJ Beat Records/ EMI! Pioneer work! Resident DJ for P.T.P. at Dortmund, the organisation of the biggest Hardcore event in Germany, Judgement Day. 1998: The Ultraschall, Munich 2000: Sky (Gabbersky), the hour of birth an new era of Hardcore in Switzerland 2001: Hotter Than Hell, the first edition!
2002: Cut A. Kaos plays' in Hong Kong, France, Italy, England, Belgium, Hungary, Austria. 2003: Industrial Strength, Lenny Dee's label publishes the amazing track "Basszdrumsz". Sonic, the special Hotter Than Hell winteredition at the ice stadium St. Jakob at Basle CD Release, Sonic III Hardcore Edition. CD Release Hotter Than Hell 2005: Hotter Than Hell CD II, gig at Hellraiser in May, gigs all over Europe and the 10th birthday of the Cage Club, Salzburg. 20 YEARS CUT A KAOS! "INFECTED" on December 17th was sold out! 2006: Hotter Than Hell CD III Big success with a new vinyl and several compilations under the alias D.E.A.D.MA.N. & Prediger "Gimme wazaahhh!" 2007: Bacteria Records revival! Regular releases on vinyl and digitally with new artist. 2008: Gigs abroad, mainly in the Netherlands. Sundance Festival with over 15'000 visitors! 2007: Bacteria Records reanimated! Can't Change (Vinyl, Maxi)   Bacteria Records 2007
2008: Gigs in The Netherlands Sundance Festival (over 15'000 ravers!) Cold Fusion  (2 versions)  Dedicated To... Industrial Strength Records 2008 IFS5 Cold Fusion (2xCD, Comp, Dig) Dedicated To.... Industrial Strength Records Newtonn: Saint Maker (12")   Bacteria Records 2009: Cut A. Kaos playz in many big festivals like "GroundZero" in The Netherlands (30'000 visitors) Cut A. Kaos IFS6 - Industrialization (2xCD, Comp) Why You Fuck Me Up Industrial Strength Records Newtonn: Minimal Techno Stories Volume 6  Westwind (Martin Eyerer Remix) Le Bien Et Le Mal Newtonn: Techno Mortale Volume 2 (30xFile, MP3, Comp) (Martin Eyerer Remix) Schlachthof Rec. 2010: The Cursor - A Club In Zurich (12")  2014: Last summer 13, he came back into the Techno and in the meantime he decided to create a new album with a lot of influences from the last 20 years, a real Techno album. The first part of two is a retrospective of the origins of techno, deep tech accompanied by clear acid structures, in addition of artists such as "The Martian", "Beltram" or the old Umek stuff (check "Let's Rock!"). A blend of many styles, but finally ending in Techno, always. Niereich, Austria's number one Techno artist made two brilliant remixes of the song called "Because It's Acid"! First is the "White Acid Mix" released in digital form and in the next few weeks, it's coming out on vinyl with his 2nd mix, the "Black Acid Mix" (Bacteria Records No.14). Another remixer, Edelstahl, he produced a remix of the Trax "Walk And Talk", a hard and fat monster! Part two will reflect the years 1999-2005 output, fall 2014. Enoy your trip!

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